Posted on 4.15.2019 by Jody Noland

How’s your life? Are you on the mountaintop right now? Everything going your way? Experiencing blessing upon blessing; enjoying great success and contentment? Have your prayers been answered more beautifully than you ever hoped or imagined? Or are you struggling? Feeling as though you are stuck in the valley, living with failures, shattered dreams and unanswered prayers?

Posted on 4.01.2019 by Jody Noland

Another Leave Nothing Unsaid Workshop was drawing to a close. And, once again, my heart was overflowing with joy. The evening’s event had been hosted by a leading Atlanta financial advisor. The guests had enjoyed a lovely dinner and were now putting the finishing touches on affirming letters to loved ones. Through the Leave Nothing Unsaid process, they’d learned an easy-to-repeat approach to writing words that would matter forever.

The positive energy in the room was palpable.

Posted on 3.24.2019 by Jody Noland

In the middle of a rainy night in Georgia, the horrible sound of cracking, splintering wood jolted me out of a deep sleep. Reflexively, I sat straight up in bed, screamed and then braced myself for the crushing impact of the falling tree that seemed to be headed straight toward our roof.

Thankfully, that impact never came.

Posted on 3.17.2019 by Jody Noland

If you’re smack dab in the middle of the “Sandwich Generation,” you’ll know exactly what this term means. Responsibilities on all sides. Teachers’ conferences, college visits, baseball and ballet practice, drama with schoolmates on one side. Your own children might even be getting married and having children of their own! (I know, I're far too young to be called "Grandma!")

Posted on 3.03.2019 by Jody Noland

“Hmmm. What could this be?” That was my thought several years ago when I spotted a small cardboard envelope from my daughter in the daily mail pile.

Quite odd for something like this to randomly arrive from a busy college student.

I ripped open the envelope and found a CD inside. It said “For Momma. I Love You!” Enclosed was a note explaining that the CD was a mix of songs she had put together to encourage me as I continued to make brave steps outside of my comfort zone. And to this day, that CD remains one of my all-time favorite gifts.

Posted on 1.15.2018 by Jody Noland

What a question! I know you’re not a violent person. And in your wildest dreams you couldn’t imagine killing someone unless it was for self-defense or to protect a loved one.
But what if you could be slaying someone in another way?

What if you could be slowly killing someone with your words?

Posted on 10.16.2017 by Jody Noland

Most people say “what a great idea” when encouraged to write letters of affirmation and blessing to those they love.

Posted on 5.12.2017 by Jody Noland

For the last month, we’ve been commercially bombarded with endless reminders that Mother’s Day is fast approaching.
Yes, the holiday is a wonderful celebration of motherhood. Moms who endlessly give and serve their families throughout the year do deserve to be honored and affirmed.
Yet for many, Mother’s Day elicits more pain than joy. But why?

Posted on 4.28.2017 by Jody Noland

The 2017 NFL Draft is underway in Philadelphia. And over the next few nights, atop the steps that Rocky ascended, lifelong dreams will be coming true as aspiring players are selected for NFL teams.
Many of those drafted feel fortunate just to have survived to adulthood. Countless players come from the humblest of circumstances, having never known financial or physical security.
The future financial compensation can be staggering for those whose names are called by the NFL Commissioner.

Posted on 4.21.2017 by Jody Noland

Have you ever seen a seemingly empty seashell suddenly start moving along the sand? Or even more shockingly, discovered that a shell you’d recently found on the beach mysteriously changed locations on your counter?

If so, then you’ve probably witnessed a hermit crab in action. They live alone, within salvaged empty seashells, due to their own physical vulnerability. The crab is forced to peek outside the protective shell to move, and as the crab moves, so does the shell.