Posted on 3.03.2017 by Jody Noland

Half empty or half full? Each new day, we have a fresh choice of how we look at our lives, our circumstances, the “hand we’ve been dealt.” What are you choosing?

We all know people that look at life through negative lenses. They see the shortcomings in every situation. Yes, they might make great quality inspectors looking for defects on a manufacturing line. But in terms of life, it’s a draining perspective for everyone in that person’s world. And most of all, it’s a slow emotional death for the person themselves.

Posted on 2.24.2017 by Jody Noland

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ask a young child that, and the answer is likely to be filled with promise. The sky’s the limit.  Answers might include: “The President!” “A movie star!” “A doctor!”
As that child becomes an adolescent, the dreams often become smaller, “more realistic” or might have even vanished.
Why is that? What happens to those big dreams?
Sadly, dreams are often squashed by a few discouraging words from a parent or authority figure.

Posted on 2.13.2017 by Jody Noland

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s a day full of roses and romance.
For others, it’s a painful reminder of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.
But at its core, Valentine’s Day is about love: something all of us need.
And that’s where the connection between Valentine’s Day and pickles comes in.

Posted on 2.06.2017 by Jody Noland

Why is it so easy for relationships to become fractured?
Small misunderstandings, left unresolved, can fester and expand and in no time, significant relational breakage can occur.  It’s tragic and so hard to undo. And it can happen at any age.
Recently, I was privileged to stand on the sidelines and watch the opposite happen.  A fractured relationship was healed, thanks to the powerful impact of a simple, loving letter and a devoted husband.

Posted on 1.28.2017 by Jody Noland

Have you ever made a “reduction” when cooking? It’s the process of simmering down the liquids in a broth with the intent of concentrating the flavors.
Apply that to your life. What is the essence of what you believe? When you cull out the extraneous, what remains? And how do you live that out on a daily basis?
Recently, I was challenged to reflect on those questions after attending the funeral of the indomitable sports broadcaster, Craig Sager.

Posted on 1.13.2017 by Jody Noland

We’ve all got them: those special people who cross our paths and impact the trajectory of our lives. 
I call those encounters “divine appointments,” believing that God is ultimately responsible for the meetings.
One of the most significant “divine appointments” in my life happened in 2013 with Jaye Watson.

Posted on 1.06.2017 by Jody Noland

Perhaps you’re already hunkered down for the weekend, preparing for snow. Here in Georgia, our Governor declared a State of Emergency 24 hours before the first flake was scheduled to fall. The grocery store shelves look like they have been attacked by swarms of locusts.
Lots of anticipation and preparation for what might happen in the days ahead. That’s almost reflexive.
But what are you anticipating and preparing for in your life in 2017? Good things or just another year of survival?

Posted on 12.30.2016 by Jody Noland

Have you worked on a jigsaw puzzle over the holidays?
If so, you’ve experienced a great metaphor for the challenges and uncertainties inherent in this New Year.

Posted on 12.23.2016 by Jody Noland

Do you ever struggle with self-worth? If you’re human, the answer is probably yes.
Granted, for some, it’s an ongoing, seismic struggle. For others, it might be a much more occasional flickering of insecurity.
Self-worth can be affected by so many things: relationships, finances, career, appearance, health. We so easily gain a false sense of worth from our accomplishments and lose it just as quickly with setbacks or failures.
Talk about climbing the ladder of success and realizing that it’s propped up against the wrong wall!

Posted on 12.16.2016 by Jody Noland

Ten days before Christmas. A million and one things to do. And water had begun to leak out of the bottom of my washing machine.
Seriously? It’s been a year of “what will break next” in my world of home ownership. Water heater. Garbage Disposal. Sprinkler system. Air conditioner. Dryer on it’s last legs. And now…the washing machine. Ugh and double ugh.
Yes, my first inclination was to whine. But I quickly remembered what it was like in Uganda helping to hand-wash and hand-wring sheets. That quickly shut down my choruses of “poor me.”