Posted on 3.23.2013 by Jody Noland

I’ve been repeating myself lately. Asking the same question to people I encounter. And delighting in the answers I’ve heard. My question is this: Who encouraged you? When you think back over your life, who were the people that most significantly impacted you - the person you became, the talent you developed, the path you chose? And how did they do it?”

Posted on 3.20.2013 by Jody Noland

“Hi. My name is Jody. And I am a perfectionist.” Are any of me...a perfectionist in recovery? There are so many times that I’ve not taken action on something important because I didn’t know how to do it “perfectly.” And what would have been so wrong with that? As I journey through life, I am learning that risking...and failing...are essential parts of growth. Enough staying in the bleachers watching the game of life. Time to jump in!

Posted on 3.14.2013 by Jody Noland

It seems to be a rite of passage to finally realize that our parents are not perfect, but to love and appreciate them nonetheless. Most of us were fortunate enough to have parents that did the best they could with the “hand” they were dealt. And part of growing up is to accept that truth, forgive their mistakes, and love and appreciate them anyway. (Becoming a parent yourself seems to dramatically help with that great awakening!)

Posted on 3.11.2013 by Jody Noland

There’s something about the top dresser drawer that invites us to store treasured keepsakes there. 

My curiosity for that reality began when I was about three. My sister and I shared a bedroom as well as a tall, hard-rock maple dresser. Being the observant (and annoying) younger sister, I realized that my sister had some special items stashed in that top drawer. I just didn’t know what they were, but I was determined to find out!

Posted on 2.14.2013 by Jody Noland

C. S. Lewis was right. I know because I'm dreaming new dreams. Or to be more exact, I've allowed the seed of an old dream to germinate. And my greatest joy will come from knowing that the "fruit" of this dream has nourished stronger and deeper relationships between you and those you love.

Posted on 2.07.2013 by Jody Noland

I don’t remember a lot of things from my early childhood. But I do remember the delight of a nap with my satin comforter. Pale pink on one side, pale blue on the other, quilted, puffy. Aaahhh...pure comfort.

On a sweltering summer day in Annapolis, in our home with no air conditioning (can you spell HUMIDITY?), there was nothing like lying down with that cool comforter against my cheek. I felt like a princess against the beautiful fabric, and happily would settle in for a nap. I felt safe, secure, valued and special.

Posted on 2.01.2013 by Jody Noland

"This book meant more to me than getting a car for my 16th birthday.” Wow! A reaction like that should register at least 5.0 magnitude on the Richter scale!

When my daughter was about to turn 16, I wanted to do something for her birthday that she would really find meaningful. And something that would have lasting value. So I decided to combine my passion to “leave nothing unsaid” with my love of photographs and scrapbooking, and I prepared my first ever photo book that illustrated the sections of the letter with photographs.