Want to Freshen Up Your Prayer Life?

Do you find yourself in a prayer rut? Here is a simple, refreshing idea based on the two vitally important concepts of appreciation and affirmation.
When I share the message of Leave Nothing Unsaid, I always draw a distinction between those two A-words. What’s the difference? Appreciation is generally focused on what someone does for us while affirmation highlights what’s unique and special about the other individual.  Expressing both contributes to thriving relationships – both with people and with God. 
Here’s a simple idea to help you stretch and energize your prayer life:
Go through the alphabet – A to Z. Start with affirmation. The attributes of God worth praising are limitless, like the most flawless, multi-faceted diamond. As you work your way through the alphabet, A to Z, express praise and adoration for some aspect of God’s character associated with each letter. (Stuck on X? I praise God for His x-ray vision, that He knows everything about me, sins and all, and loves me nonetheless!)
Then, shift to appreciation. Think of some reason for gratitude for every letter in the alphabet. You might think of people’s names who have impacted your life or other blessings that fill you with gratitude. Letter by letter, express your thanks to God for each blessing.
Try it during a walk or a long drive. See if your heart isn’t changed as you shift your focus off of yourself and your circumstances and onto your Heavenly Father. 

 Think about how loved you feel as the recipient of affirmation and appreciation. Wouldn’t this be a simple and meaningful way to express your love to your Creator?

 "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8