This is a time we will never forget. The impact of this worldwide pandemic has been catastrophic in countless ways. We’ve had a global wake-up call about the fragility of life, the illusion of financial security and the importance of relationships.
Who hasn’t heard heartbreaking stories about people perishing alone? I can hardly bear to imagine the agony of family members unable to be with dying loved ones or the fear experienced by critically ill patients, longing for comforting touches and words from those dearest to them. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.
Over and over again recently, I have heard people talk about how important it is to “leave nothing unsaid.” I’ve heard those very words from a father, as part of his son’s online funeral, a pastor, reminding viewers around the world to be intentional in thanking those who have impacted their lives, and from family members regretting what they had been unable to express to a dying parent or grandparent. The message is echoing around the world.
Perhaps you saw this touching and heartbreaking story. It is a perfect example of the profound impact of leaving nothing unsaid. Jonathan Coelho, a 32-year old father, wrote a loving message on his cell phone to his wife and young children while he was fighting for his life and hospitalized for 28 days. His wife discovered the message after her husband’s tragic death when his phone was returned to her. Just imagine how she and her children will cherish his words in the days and years to come.
Over and over again, this message is echoing. Tell those you love that you love them. Affirm the qualities that you cherish. Do it in writing, so they have something lasting. And, please, do it today! None of us is promised tomorrow.
For many years, I have prayed that this message would grow into a movement, and that people would actually write loving, affirming words to those they cherish. I never imagined that it would take a global pandemic for that to happen.
Take a look at this beautiful example of an echo traveling across a pristine lake in Germany. What a picture of the way our encouraging words can resonate, even long after we are gone.


 I am currently offering the PDF version of the workbook at no charge to help others leave nothing unsaid.