Humbled and Convicted

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for their friends.” John 15:13

On this Memorial Day, please press “pause” for a few minutes and reflect. Think about the courageous men and women who have done what seems unthinkable for most of us: they sacrificed their lives for their country, for their fellow citizens, for their friends, for their loved ones.
Think about those they left behind: the brokenhearted mothers and fathers, wives, husbands and children. The ripple effect of those deaths spreads across millions of people and spans generations.
My local post office is named in honor of a fallen soldier. As I’ve spent time waiting to mail packages in their socially-distanced line over the last few months, I’ve often looked at his photograph and wondered about his family and the searing pain of loss that they undoubtedly still feel. And he’s just one. 
How can we not feel both humbled and convicted when we think about the sacrifice that some have paid for our country and our freedom?
What can we do to show our gratitude?
-Pray for those who are left behind. Pray that God will comfort the families who have experienced the permanent loss of someone in service, whether in our military or as a first responder.
-Do something tangible for a family left behind. Even the smallest act of kindness and love provides comfort and helps people not to feel forgotten.
-Give. There are many wonderful charities that support the families of fallen American heroes including The Gary Sinese Foundation, Folds of Honor, Tunnels to Towers .
-Get off the bench.  Find something that you can DO to strengthen our republic. You might not be called to put your life on the line in service, but each of us can and should do something. I’ve spent way too many years being an armchair critic, that’s for sure!
-Thank God daily for the blessing of living in America.
Happy Memorial Day! May God continue to bless and protect those who serve and their families. And may I practice what I preach!