There are 15 exquisite minutes every morning that I have come to cherish. Right now, they occur between about 6:48 and 7:03 a.m.,  the current transition time from the darkest of night skies to dawn’s early light. 15 sacred minutes when the sky turns magnificent shades of sapphire blue.

Get distracted, brew some coffee, look at social media, and the color is gone. And I’ve missed a blue so beautiful that it almost takes my breath away.

I’m now trying to discipline myself to just gaze at the sky during those “Wow, God!” moments every morning and absorb the beauty. To behold the glory of God in His creation. To just drink it in.

Those fleeting moments are such a reminder to me of both the true brevity and overwhelming beauty of this life.

How many of us miss the splendor woven throughout each day because we’re so engrossed in the tyranny of the urgent, the horrible news of the day, or are consumed with reflecting on the past or worrying about the unknown future?

For most of us, the years seem to pick up momentum as they pass. Children grow up and leave the nest, spouses die, careers end. And before we know it, we’re thinking about “finishing well,” and wondering how long we’ll live. Life truly does pass in the blink of an eye. 

If I could encourage you to do something, it would be to make a deliberate effort to savor the beauty that God presents to you in this day. Look for it. Open your eyes and you’ll discover it’s all around you. Don’t get so wrapped up in your to-do list or your emails demanding attention that you miss the “wow, God” moments of this day.

The beauty might be in the sky before dawn or in a breathtaking sunset. It might be in the warmth of someone’s smile or a shared laugh. Perhaps the moment to savor is an encouraging, affirming word from a respected colleague. But there truly is beauty all around.

Moments of awe are there for each and every one of us every single day. Please...start looking. And share with others what you find. In these days with so much sadness, grief and hopelessness, we all need to be encouraged to savor the beautiful things in each day.

”The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”
Psalm 19:1