Meet Jody

Jody Noland

Thanks for stopping by my site! I wish we could sit down over a cup of coffee so I could learn your story. But here's the genesis of my dream: the written word has always been important to me, as my own bulging “encouragement file” reflects. I've saved cards, notes, even scraps of paper from family and friends over the years, realizing how their words helped to spur me on in life. I've seen the way people in both personal and professional settings have blossomed in response to my own encouragement and that of others.
The passion for written words of affirmation increased exponentially when I saw a friend write letters to his children before facing surgery for a brain tumor. The impact of those letters on his children, at the time he penned them and now many years later, convinced me that all of us should take the time to prepare written words of encouragement for the important people in our lives.
When I shared the importance of reaffirming those we love, I would incessantly hear “it’s a great idea, but I don’t know where to begin.” So I developed a simple tool to help people create meaningful letters to loved ones. My passion about the urgency of this task was ignited after seeing friends die suddenly and was magnified after my own husband and parents died within a two year period. I'm honored to offer the Leave Nothing Unsaid workbook, and love to conduct workshops, retreats and personal coaching to help with this vitally important task.
As a mother, I've has poured words of affirmation into my now 28 year old daughter, Anne, throughout her life. In fact, I decided to follow my own advice and wrote Anne a letter for her 16th birthday. Incorporating the letter in a photo book, I used pictures to illustrate the character qualities I was affirming. The reaction? Anne said it meant more to her than getting a  car for her birthday!
After spending a significant period in corporate America and then launching a small business with my late husband, I launched out into the deep as "CEO" (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Leave Nothing Unsaid. In every setting, my greatest joy comes from encouraging others.  
As a native of Annapolis, Md., my lifelong appreciation for our military began as my father served on the faculty of the U.S. Naval Academy. I am a graduate of the University of Maryland, where I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa. I'm now a proud resident of Georgia, where I've lived for the past 30 years.