About the Program

Have you ever expressed ... in writing ... your feelings to those dearest to you? Do they know what you think are their greatest strengths ... gifts ... abilities? Do they know your hopes and prayers and dreams for their lives? If not, why not?

Most people agree that it’s a great idea to put those feelings down on paper. And they’ll get to it ... someday ... maybe. Some say that they’d love to write something, but have no idea where to start. And because of that, they never do. There are many excuses, but few ever say the idea doesn’t have value.

Look at it from another perspective. Have you ever RECEIVED a letter like that from an important person in your life? If so, what does it mean to you? Could you put a value on it? Or would you say it’s priceless? 

Perhaps you’ve lost someone dear to you ... parent ... grandparent ... spouse ... friend. What do written things from those people mean to you? Other than a photograph, it’s often the only tangible reminder you might have of their love for you. Just seeing someone’s handwriting can release a flood of emotions and memories.

Let’s face it, life is hard. Most of us are well versed in our own shortcomings, and tend to focus on those much more than what is unique or special about ourselves. Words of affirmation from those who are most special to us mean so much. Often, our loved ones see the untapped potential in us that we can’t see. Or they express a belief in us that shores us up when our confidence is wavering, or we’ve lost a job, had a disappointing setback or gotten discouraged.

Words matter. Words are so important. And encouraging written words from loved ones can have a tremendous impact, often outliving the writer.

The Workbook

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The Process

  1. Express your feelings for the individual.
  2. Highlight what is unique and special about the person. Affirm their most outstanding character qualities. Use a word picture, if possible, to illustrate.
  3. Describe your hopes, prayers, dreams for the recipient.

Leave Nothing Unsaid  by Jody Noland is the tool you need to break through the logjam and actually get something written. In a simple, user-friendly format, the workbook takes you step by step through the process of getting your feelings into focus and committing them to paper.

This simple and straightforward format has been used by hundreds of people to effectively express their feelings and transcribe them from the heart to paper. The workbook is filled with prompting questions and tools to help you focus on what is most special about your loved one. It even includes ideas of how to use word pictures to bring those character qualities to life.

Leave Nothing Unsaid

The workbook can be used as a self-guided tool, or as part of a workshop where Jody takes the participants through the process, step by step. 

Over the course of two hours, participants develop a beautiful letter to someone special and leave having learned an approach to write meaningful letters to everyone else who is important in their lives.

What’s most important is to do it... NOW! We all have many “urgent” tasks pulling at us. But taking the time to express your love... in writing... to those most special to you… is an investment that you will never regret.

As a continuing education provider, I've worked with Jody Noland of "Leave Nothing Unsaid" several times and have been privileed and honored to hear her incredible message that she shares with her audiences. Her message is one of legacies and love.